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How to select the right afterschool activity for your kid?

With so many school activities to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your child? It all comes down to your kids’ needs and preferences because you can’t make them do something they don’t like. But, you can present them the range of activities they might want.

From science clubs and chess to tennis and karate, there are a lot of things they can explore and if they don’t find something appealing, don’t push them. Your kids should be free to explore on their own and here is how you can help them.

The costs

Even though the majority of programs aren’t expensive, they aren’t that cheap. Parents often neglect to add travel costs, equipment costs and fee for every activity. If you can’t afford it, then make sure it’s not included in your list of choices. In this case, you should offer your kids some substitute and be frank about the money. For example, maybe they are into photography and slideholders, but you can’t afford the latest camera.

You should also think about one time an activity will take. In a modern world, time is money, and some parents may not have enough time for their kids’ demands. Keep in mind this when you are planning your schedule.

The number

In the last couple of years, parents went crazy over afterschool activities, and it’s like they are competing which kid will attend more. However, this is the biggest mistake you can make. You should start with one activity and see how your child responds. For instance, if you notice some sudden changes, such as difficulty to concentrate on homework, or they are throwing tantrums, then something is wrong.

On the other hand, if there is no change, or if the difference is positive, then you should add another activity.

Homework and housework

Kids need to have some fun and let off some steam, but they also have responsibilities like homework and cleaning. In this case, the later they get from clubs, the less time they will have for homework and house choirs.

You should monitor the entire situations and see how they are managing all the activities. Don’t let them neglect their responsibilities just because they have additional activities.