Physical Activity

The California Department of Education (CDE) and the California After School Resource Center (CASRC) developed the ten California After School Physical Activity (CASPA) Guidelines and corresponding tips, tools, and resources to enable every after school program to provide its students with the highest quality physical activity possible. For more details about how the Guidelines were developed, please read the Introduction to Guidelines (PDF).

Each guideline below has a PDF document describing the guideline and its rationale. CASRC also provides tips, tools, and resources for implementing each guideline.

Here is what people in the field are saying about the tips, tools, and resources:

"The content, links, and additional resources are phenomenal."

"Wow, very detailed document which will act as a great intro to infrastructure for anyone developing a new program or trying to improve a current program."

"Excellent job on promoting the necessities needed to develop a healthy, active lifestyle that includes everyone in the mix!"

introduction guideline California After School Physical Activity Guidelines (Full Document) (PDF)
Youth Development Guideline One
Create an after school physical activity culture that fosters youth development. (PDF)
One: Tips, Tools, and Resources
Policy Guideline Two
Develop and implement after school physical activity policies. (PDF)
Two: Tips, Tools, and Resources
Planning and Evaluation Guideline Three
Plan and evaluate after school physical activity. (PDF)
Three: Tips, Tools, and Resources
Infrastructure Guideline Four
Build and maintain a strong infrastructure for after school physical activity. (PDF)
Four: Tips, Tools, and Resources
Director Guideline Five
Ensure that all directors and staff members support and promote after school physical activity programs. (PDF)
Five: Tips, Tools, and Resources
quality Guideline Six
Develop and maintain high-quality after school physical activity. (PDF)
Six: Tips, Tools, and Resources
quantity Guideline Seven
Ensure that all students achieve the appropriate amounts of physical activity after school. (PDF)
Seven: Tips, Tools, and Resources
Inclusion Guideline Eight
Ensure that all students are included in after school physical activity. (PDF)
Eight: Tips, Tools, and Resources
Regular School Day Guideline Nine
Connect after school physical activity with the regular school day. (PDF)
Nine: Tips, Tools, and Resources
Community Guideline Ten
Build partnerships with the community to support after school physical activity. (PDF)
Ten: Tips, Tools, and Resources

Thank you to the members of the After School Physical Activity Expert Panel (PDF) and Steering Committee (PDF) for their work on this project.

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