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School Health: Policy and Practice (5277)
Publication Year: 2004

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Topic: Health Services
Audience: Parent/Community, Professional
Material Type: Books and Reference
Special Population: Pregnant & Parenting
Special Education
Language: English
Publisher: American Academy of Pediatrics
School Health: Policy and Practice
Description: This guide provides background information and strategies for delivering many of the components of coordinated school health. Overarching strategies offered include coordination of services, potential partners in school health, implementing school health programs, program evaluation, and the role of pediatric medical providers in school health. School health topics covered include health services, special education, school-based health centers, physical education, injury prevention and safety, comprehensive health education, environmental health, and addressing specific health needs, such as asthma, ADHD, child abuse, and substance abuse. A comprehensive list of online school health resources and links is also provided.
School Health: Policy and Practice (5277)

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